Hi everyone and specially the foreign nationals from China, my name is Li Chen and I am a student of Cambridge University. I wish to share my story and experience of having the taste of Marley Spoon, which helps me in making my grandmother happy and also to give her best healthy food, as per her taste and choice, with an attraction of special deals and discounts on my favorite recipes in the form of Marley Spoon Discount Code.

I belong to a well to do family and live in Beijing with my parents and grandmother.  Have completed by school studies and now wanted to get admission at Cambridge or further studies. My parents have no objection on it and allow me apply there.  Since I got distinction at the School, I was confident that the University will select me on merit. And luckily I got selected and called by the University in the next month. The entire family was happy and my father has also arranged an apartment for me to live, through one of his friend living in UK. I was never excited much before life like I am today, as I have going to get an experience of a new country, new culture, new friends and the best University on the Earth.

It was all good and I start my shopping and other stuff for the UK, suddenly my grandmother come up with a unique ideal.   Since neither my father nor mother can go with me, she voluntarily offered herself to accompany me and live with me at the UK.  I was not very comfortable with this idea, as it could have stop my liberty and I have to take care of her also.  The decision is now pending with my father and somehow my grandmother convinced my father that she will go with me to a all-new place. My father also informed me that he has arrange a cook as well for the apartment.

I have no option left but to take to grandmother with me and I told myself that it is all for my good.  As we landed at the London Airport, it was all excitement and curiosity.   I wanted to see my University and apartment as soon as possible. When reached to our apartment, the cook has already prepared food for us and we start setting our rooms.  The cook was an African national, however, he made the Steak very tasty.

I started my University and came to the apartment in the evening, where I have to give some time to my grandmother as she spend whole day alone.   It’s been a month and I start feeling my grandmother irritated and annoyed. When I ask her the reason, she complaint that the cook does not have any idea of Chinese food and I want to have some Chinese dishes. Her complaint was justified, so I promised her to arrange Chinese Food for her over the weekend.

On the same night, while sitting at my computer, I saw an of “Marley Spoon” which are offering special deals and discounts on your favorite recipes in the form of Marley Spoon Discount Codes.

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As promised by my grandmother, in the next week end, I decided to have an experience of Marley Spoon and selected my grandmother favorite recipe Chicken in Peanut Sauce with Noodles.  The order was delivered with Recipe Card as well. It took me few minutes to prepare the food and presented to my grandmother and I cannot share her feelings and emotions.  She was very happy and excited and enjoy the meal as if she is getting food after months.

It was all very good experience of Marley Spoon for giving a smile to my grandmother, however, she took me a promise that I will arrange Chinese Food for her every weekend.

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Thankfully making Chinese food for my grandmother is not a difficult task as long as Marley Spoon offers are available.

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