Hello girls, Do you like to crave and have desire for late night snacking? My name is Sara James and I am 19 years old and doing my bachelors. I wish to share my story and experience with MyProtein with all of you, which also offer 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I am the only daughter of my parents and have the luxury to spend life on my own wish.  My father is a businessman and my mother works for a School in Administration Department. I am doing my Bachelors and after College, my only hobby other than studies is to enjoy food after every hour or two.  I used to sleep late not before 2.00 a.m. and order some junk foods from my favorite restaurants daily.  Initially, my parents shows their anger on my diet and late night craving but slowly and gradually, they became used to it also.

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The positive point here is that despite of having junk foods regularly, I am still very slim and smart which allows me to live the life as it is. However, sometimes I feel weakness in my inner body, which I took as I sleep late and could not take proper rest, which is required for a normal body.

One day, on the breakfast table, I feel dizziness and weakness, and I could not able to have my breakfast. Luckily, my father is at home, and he immediately took me to a doctor, who has performed various tests and suggest some medicines. The doctor called me the next day as well to discuss the reports.  The next day, Doctor has advised us that the dizziness is because of weakness and I should start taking some supplements.   My parents were surprised and told the doctor that I used to eat something regularly after every hour.  The doctor smiled and told that these junk food are not the alternates of vitamins and proteins and advised me to take care of myself and take proper sleep and supplements.

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It was a real test for me now.  I have to quit this long established habit of carving and have to start a disciplined life.   On a weekend, while surfing, I saw a page named “MyProtein” which looks interesting to me and they offer Protein and Vitamins with Food and Snacks.  There are some Protein Bards, Nut Butters, Flavorings and Sweeteners, Protein Drinks, Meal Replacements etc. available at 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I immediately ordered MyProtein Favorite Bundle and some protein layered cake, which I received as per committed time and discount.

Having the Proteins and Vitamins or one month and I can feel a huge change in my personality. I sleep well for eight hours and have proper food regularly. 

Thank you MyProtein for making me sleep well and eat well.

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