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Hi my name is Mia and I am 40 years old. I am a happily married woman and have 3 kids. I have made a lot of mistakes and blunders in my life and the most memorable or we can say the biggest blunder I have ever made is choosing the wrong Dermal filler but thanks to Princess Filler for helping me recover and bringing glow in my skin within week.

Princess Filler Reviews:

I remember the time of marriage. It was like just 3 week to marriage and I made the biggest blunder of my life. The blunder was choosing the wrong Dermal filler which instead of bring glow and enhancing my beauty made my skin worse.

Before marriage I was having acne, to get rid of it I applied many of creams but creams were useless. I talked about it with one of my friend she told me to get Dermal Filler. She asked me to get it injected by any of the famous brand and well known dermatologist. I searched and ended up with a dermatologist near my house. I thought that he is near my house and can easily visit him. I asked for his appointment and went to him.  I had acne problem and even I told him that it’s my wedding after just 3 weeks so will it get normal till then. He was like yes it will. As he was so confident about it so without thinking and wasting any time I asked him to get me done with it. At the same time he injected the Dermal filler. Everything was normal but the very next day it started itching and my skin started getting red. I got scared and went to the same dermatologist. He was confused and was trying to make it my fault like I had applied something to my face when I went back to home. He told me that wait for a week it will get normal. I waited for like 3 days but the condition was getting worse say by day. I told about it to my fiancé and he was angry at me and told me to get ready we have to go. He picked me from my place and took me to one of his friend who was a dermatologist. His friend told me that the dermatologist has used the local and cheap brand which has done side effects. He applied a cream and asked me to wash my face after an hour I did the same. Then he asked me whether it was itching or not it wasn’t itching then he injected Dermal Filler of Princess filler and asked me to just go home and relax. The very next day when I woke up I was relaxed and there was no itchiness in my face and everything was normal except for the acne. He had told me that it will start reducing like after a week. And the same happened. My acne and scars were finishing and there was not a single mark on my skin at the day of wedding.

Even the guests were amazed when they saw me and were asking how did I changed and some of them were asking from which saloon or spa I had got the make up from  I was laughing at them as I didn’t wore makeup.

Special thanks to Princess Filler for helping me get over the biggest blunder of my life. My wedding album would have been destroyed if princess filler hadn’t helped me.

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